*Cancun, Mexico Mar 04
  Set 1 - regular
*Whister Ski Trip Feb 04
  Set 1 - regular
Xmas in DC Dec 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
Xmas Ships Dec 03
  Set 1 - regular
Halloween Oct 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
Summit Oct 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
Anar Moji Visit Sep 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
G-ma's B-day Aug 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
Mongolia Jul 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
  Set 2 - regular - full size
  Set 3 - regular - full size
  Set 4 - regular - full size
  Set 5 - regular - full size
  China - regular - full size
Locks Cruise Jun 03
  Set 1 - regular - full size
Ballard Locks Jun 03
Internext Jan 03
  Set 1
  Set 2
Wedding Apr 02
Honeymoon Apr 02
Chichi - our cat
  Set 1
  Set 2
  Set 3
  Set 4 - regular - full size
  Set 5 - regular - full size
  Set 1 - regular - full size
 Snow time and Sunshine
 Posted: 5-17-2004 Ty
Running a bit late on the updates as I have been busy with work. We went out for some skiing with some friends we know from Canada. Whistler/Blackcomb is an easy 2 hour drive from Vancouver, BC. Its one of the top rated skiing resorts in the world so as you would have guessed the skiing was excellent. Lots of long runs and some fun terrain parks. After we cooled off in Canada it was time to heat back up in Cancun. We traveled there for a webmaster convention and of course for the sun. We did a variety of activities including ATVs, Jungle tour, snorkeling and liberal amounts of just chilling on the beach.

 Christmas Ships and Christmas in Washington DC
 Posted: 1-10-2004 Ty
This year we decided to visit Lisa's parents in Washington DC. My parents visited us the weekend before Christmas and we got some pictures from the Christmas Ships Festival they do every year. I took a lot of pictures while we were in DC. Good family pictures and lots of the local tourist traps.

 Vancouver Webmaster Summit and Halloween Party
 Posted: 11-4-2003 Ty
We made the best of a somewhat lackluster Vancouver Webmaster Summit by touring the town and shopping. Lisa, Ty, Henry, Alan, and Sam made an appearance. We all survived a wild party at Damon's house after the summit. Halloweeen party at Alan's swanky apartment on the 24th floor went off smoothly. Lots of people attended and some with very colorful outfits. Highlights include Alex's Priest+boy outfit, Jason as Jack Skellington, and Lisa as Go-Go from Kill Bill.

 Anar, Moji, Grandma and yet even more kitty pictures
 Posted: 10-18-2003 Ty
I lost the digital camera adapter so I finally had to get a new printer with a built in digital camera reader. Pictures from Grandma's birthday, Anar & Moji's visit and pictures of Chichi swollen foot which was stung by a bee.

 New Pictures Added
 Posted: 8-9-2003 Ty
Pictures of our Argosy cruise through the Ballard Locks and pictures of our Townhouse have been uploaded and are availabe to view.

 New Forums Added
 Posted: 7-31-2003 Ty
Brand spanking new forum up for your posting pleasure. Check it out here

 All Pictures Are Uploaded
 Posted: 07-29-2003 Ty
Yay! All pictures are finally uploaded. There are over 500 pictures from Mongolia and China. I'm going to be adding sections for the hopelessly lost and confused. Professor Chichi's guide for noobs will be your salvation. How to save pictures, set wallpaper, make your own album and lots of other tips and tricks. I'll probably also be adding a forum soon so people can leave messages. Enjoy!

 New Mongolia Pictures Added
 Posted: 07-24-2003 Ty
Its time to get excited. Almost all of the Mongolia pictures have been thumbed and are ready to go. I'm still in the process of uploading them. Set 1 is done. China pictures are uploaded as well. All of the other sections are good to go. So plenty of pictures to keep you entertained while you wait for the last few pictures to get uploaded. Chichi says there are some tasty pictures waiting for you.

 New Look To TyHolcomb.com
 Posted: 07-23-2003 Ty
Spiffy new layout design is up. More features will be coming soon.

coming soon...
Saving a Picture
Setting Wallpaper
Auto Image Resizing
Regular vs. Full Size
HTML Guide
FTP Guide
Photoshop Guide
Adobe Album Guide

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